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with Anja Pirling
as Huck Finn


Huck runs away

mit Anja Pirling als Huckleberry Finn

"An unforgettable theater experience!" "A milestone in world literature!"


Director: Thomas Waldkircher

Music by: Van & Schenck: Huckleberry Finn (original from 1917)                Playing time approx. 85 min.


"All of American literature comes from a book by Mark Twain called Huckleberry Finn. There was nothing before. There has been nothing since then." Ernest Hemingway

For the staging:

The staging uses the translation by Henny Koch, who found a bitter, childlike tone for “Huck's” tales, leaves it with its incomparable charm and is always surprisingly direct, without leaving Twain's level of irony and precisely because of that humorous narrative style does Twain justice. The result is a childlike comedy that hardly an adult can escape - and so you see an audience full of smiling heads who comfortably enjoy the journey to what Mark Twain wanted to remind us and remind us never to forget: what it means being a child.

By the way It tells the whole main story of Huck's escape with Jim on a raft down the Mississippi.

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The whole book is told by Huckleberry Finn in the flashback himself, he even tells the audience that he will write his story down in a book so that everyone can read the truth. Director Thomas Waldkircher skilfully takes up this situation and lets his "Huck Finn", played by Anja Pirling, crawl out of the huge book and play in a direct way, almost in dialogue with the audience in the form of a theater monologue. This creates an almost real encounter with the character in the novel, the viewer joins the story and wanders back to childhood with Huck.

“It's so touchingly funny, so sad and then again exciting and happy that the listener listens breathlessly. Anja Pirling in the role of the narrative Huck Finn is simply enchanting and takes the audience with her warm voice on the journey "

The stage design:

It consists of a huge book that is lying on the floor as if it had fallen off the shelf. The cover of the book is the original cover of the first edition of "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn"  modeled on 1884. The back wall is made of sand-colored nettle fabric, like the banks of the Mississippi or crumpled paper that spreads across the entire stage - also oozing out of the book. A photo of Mark Twain's original study is projected onto the back wall in soft colors.

Anja Pirling  as Huckleberry Finn

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