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in german language (!)

From my life's adventures and journeys

A fun evening

aimed at an adult audience,

that has not forgotten his childhood!  

Full of humor, memories and love of life.

With the well-known couple of actors  Anja Pirling and Thomas Waldkircher

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Herzlich willkommen auf der Internetseite der "Humoristen“ Anja Pirling und Thomas Waldkircher,

Welcome to the website of the "humorists" Anja Pirling and Thomas Waldkircher,

who, with Mark Twain, introduce another master of the pointed tongue to the audience. The evening takes its audience with ease into the world of Mark Twain, who viewed life and its twists and turns with a humorous wink and makes us laugh with his subtle irony.


The two actors have chosen three of Twain's favorite works:

In the first part of the evening, Mark Twain (Thomas Waldkircher) meets us personally and talks about "Life on the Mississippi". Here he describes his own memories of his childhood and apprenticeship as a pilot on a Mississippi steamer and garnishes his story with amusing anecdotes. It continues with three wonderful stories from Twain's “sketchbook” - a collection of selected humoresques, intelligent, satirical and profound.

In the second part he lets his beloved "Huckleberry Finn" have his say for himself.

With Anja Pirling as “Huck”, the whole world of Mark Twain emerges in front of the audience. Sparkling with joie de vivre, Huck Finn, with his childlike naivety and honesty, ensures comedy and precisely because of this he holds up a mirror to the mendacious society.

“It's so touchingly funny, so sad and then again exciting and happy that the listener listens breathlessly. Anja Pirling in the role of the narrative Huck Finn is simply enchanting and takes the audience with her warm voice on the journey ... "

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